We listen to them
for you.

200 wood pieces for true connoisseurs,
ready to play as you like.

Here you can make your choice and buy
the real sound you are looking for.

For the luthiers, who exactly know the sound they want, we have selected about 200 tops of spruce among the 1st and 2nd quality. We have measured their parameters of density, elasticity, regularity of the grain and seasoning, so that they are ready to become part of your musical instrument.

The density

A choice that has its weight

The wood: the lighter the better. The low density and therefore a reduced mass mean less dissipation of the vibrational energy of the soundboard with a better “sustain” of the instrument. Extremely regular growth rings, with a very thin dark side (late wood) show a low density of the wood.

The elasticity

For a vibration in tune

A high elastic modulus value characterizes the perfect wood. Resistance to flection, that the micro structure of the fibres inside the spruce (techeids) can keep unchanged for centuries.

The grain

Sound speed registered

The speed of the sound transmission is directly proportional to the regularity of the grain: the straighter it is, free from defects and density variations, the faster the sound propagation through the wood will be. This is the worth for the bass bar as well, that must not be undervalued. Bear claws spruce: it is a variety of the same botanical species (Picea abies), which shows an anomaly in the ring growth (subcortical indentation), with a particular aesthetical result, without compromising the sound quality.

The seasoning

They have been waiting for more than five years.

The rough blocks, quarter sawn from the radial cut of logs, rest for five years on our timberyards in the Fiemme valley, in the air and sun of the Dolomites. Just after this long period the blocks are processed, the defects are cut away, the tops go through the finishing, the grading and the branding. Finally they are put in the warehouse, at disposal for the selection, where their natural seasoning continues in the time.

Our experience and tradition
are an added value

Unlike the tops that can ben personally selected from our stockroom and alternatively ordered either by phone or email, in this dedicated area you find our top-tier pieces we have already checked for you. You can make your choice staying in your workshop, without loosing time to reach our facilities. You can rely on perfect pieces, ready to accomplish your best instruments. This parameterized selection of the tested tops will enable you, already before your purchase, to evaluate the characteristics.

It is not about the best pieces ever at Ciresa, but of a particular choice among the 1st and the 2nd quality in the stock, to which we have dedicated time, resources and experience carrying out measurements and technical-mechanical evaluations. All these processes make it possible to identify the most suitable piece for your personal project.

For this reason, the prices compared to the price list of our web-site and for the personal selection at the Ciresa store, are increased by the costs of the measurements and the distinctive schedule