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PEFC CERTIFICATION   We’re proud to inform that on 7th august 2019 we obtained the PEFC Certification on the Fiemme Spruce (n. of certificate: 56738). This certification adds value to our resonant wood and our work, introducing us in the chain of certificated wood and fo...


CROWDFUNDING   The crowdfunding campaign “Save the Stradivari’s Tonewood” has had an unexpected success with over 900 subscriptions. This allowed us to collect more than 2.800 resonant trees uprooted by the Vaia storm, ensuring the production of musical instruments for the...


A PRECIOUS MATERIAL   We stocked our store with split violin and viola tops of Fiemme spruce and bear claws spruce, naturally seasoned 2007 and 2010. It is an excellent raw material, checked, and graded according to the quality. We offer also split bass bars of the same...

Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...

Soundboards for harpsichord, spinet, clavichord, fortepiano and other historical instruments

We also produce soundboards for harpsichords, spinets, fortepianos, etc. with great care in the wood selection, sizes, quality and finishing.

In addition to our serial production for traditional factories and workshops, we can also manufacture single soundboards for historical instruments and for the restoration of antique harpsichords.

For this service, in order to prepare a quotation, and to guarantee a correct finishing, we require a plan with the technical data and measurements.

Furthermore we can supply double layer panels for the harpsichord bottom of the case, keyboard panels, and ribs, all made with spruce of the best quality.

We can also prepare wood sets for making harps, celtic-harps, lira basso, tromba marina and any other instruments, if all the details are provided.

The Ciresa Company has been the main tonewood supplier of Salvi Harps since 1995, further evidence of the quality of the Fiemme spruce.



B. Kennedy - Harpsichords


Keith Hill

Danesi Romano

Elice Massimo

Brighenti Marco

Petroselli Urbano

Harpsichord Workshop Jan Becicka

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