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Tops for stringed instruments - The Fiemme spruce

The selection of our wood for stringed instruments starts right in the forests of the Fiemme Valley, where we look for logs in areas and at altitudes especially suitable to grow the best quality spruce for tonewood.

The choice is carried out among trees cut in late autumn only, in the waning moon period. Following this traditional process is not always an easy task because of problems in the planning of the cutting, and because of deforestation. Nevertheless, our skilled men have been committed for several years to follow this method to the best of their abilities in order to assure the best quality for our customer’s musical instruments.

The logs, after spending the winter months on the timber yards nearby the forests, are transported to a small sawmill, where they are quarter cut under our supervision.

The sawn quarters are then carried to the factory, where they are sawn in perfect radial sections. After rejecting the defective parts, the wood is put on the timber yards for the natural seasoning. The pieces reserved to become tops undergo a long natural seasoning, normally between 4 and 5 years. The wood is then checked piece by piece, processed, selected and branded, according to its quality grade and seasoning year.

We supply luthiers and hobbyists all over the world, and guarantee the availability and choice of selected and seasoned spruce exclusively from the Fiemme valley.

We stock on average about 9.000 tops. Our warehouse can be visited by appointment by any customer interested in personally selecting the material.

Apart from tops for all bowed instruments such as violin, viola, cello, double-bass, violone, viola da gamba, we also stock tops for classical and acoustic guitars, archtop guitars, harp guitars, lutes, mandolins, mandolas and, on demand, tops of special sizes.

From the same Fiemme spruce used for tops, we cut pieces for bass bars, blocks, sound posts, etc..

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