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CREMONA MONDOMUSICA   We will be attending Cremona Mondomusica September 28-30th,  2018  Booth 68/69...

Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...

Our facilities are closed for summer vacation from August 6th to 26th, 2018.     You are welcome in the world of Fiemme spruce. These pages tell the story of the "tree of music", the extraordinary spruce growing in the Fiemme valley forests, among the Dolomites, Unes...

Piano soundboards and ribs

The spruce SOUNDBOARD is an essential component for the sound production in every stringed instrument. It is a wooden diaphragm, whose function is to transform the vibrations produced by the strings and conveyed by the bridge, into sound waves that propagate in the air and are then perceived by our ears.

The RIBS are bars of spruce, manufactured in different sizes and models, that are glued to the back of the soundboard to support the tension applied by bending and crowning the piano soundboard or the tops of stringed instruments.

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