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Piano soundboards

From the 70s to our days about 190.000 pianos in the world have been playing with a Ciresa soundboard, and about 40.000 of them are recognizable by the trademark and registration number impressed on the wood, as well as the Certificate of Origin that guarantees the tonewood's quality.

After 25 years of presence in the international piano industry, the brand is appreciated and acknowledged by many musicians and piano technicians all over the world.


The processing of the Fiemme spruce

All the tonewood processed at the Ciresa's factory in Tesero (1.000 m.a.s.l) comes from the forests of the Fiemme Valley and is selected from logs of spruce particularly suited for the production of musical instruments.

The planks cut at the sawmill and reserved for the Ciresa Company are seasoned in the timber yards for 8 months before being carefully selected by skilled workers, and delivered to the factory.

After processing the raw planks, the seasoning is completed in a highly advanced dry kiln, where the small planks are heat treated at low temperatures for long periods of time in order not to damage the precious wood.

In the following processing steps the planks are visually inspected one by one by skilled craftsmen and cleaned from knots, flaws and all other defects. The same experience and skills are also required to "compose" the soundboards (matching the grain, colour and quality of the planks) in order to meet the customers' precise technical and aesthetical requirements.

A particular gluing method, developed by Enrico Ciresa 40 years ago, guarantees the mechanical stability of the boards.

The soundboards are then accurately sanded using a modern sanding machine, and finished to thicknesses between 9.0 and 6.6 mm.

Spruce planks with specific grain characteristics are also set apart for the production of ribs for pianos and bass-bars for stringed instruments. These planks are first cut in raw bars of size 28,5 x 29 mm, and then processed in accordance to the templates provided by each customer.



The meticulous production and quality of our soundboards has been acknowledged by several important piano manufacturers such as FAZIOLI and C. BECHSTEIN, as shown in their letters of appreciation, attached hereafter.


ico-pdf25 Letter of Bechstein
ico-pdf25 Letter of Fazioli


It is very important to point out that the correct maintenance of a piano avoids structural damages to the instrument and in particular to the soundboard, its weakest and most delicate element, which requires specific temperature and moisture conditions for its stability.


ico-pdf25 Dampp-Chaser




Following is a list of piano manufacturers using Ciresa soundboards in their instruments:


Bechstein Europe- Bohemia



Diapason – di Bergamini Pianoforti






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