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CREMONA MONDOMUSICA   We will be attending Cremona Mondomusica September 28-30th,  2018  Booth 68/69...

Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...

Our facilities are closed for summer vacation from August 6th to 26th, 2018.     You are welcome in the world of Fiemme spruce. These pages tell the story of the "tree of music", the extraordinary spruce growing in the Fiemme valley forests, among the Dolomites, Unes...

Piano repairs and restoration - Soundboard and ribs replacement

Our long experience in the sector puts us in the position to offer a very important service to piano technicians and repairers: the production of new soundboards, glued, sanded and crowned, that are perfect replicas of the old and unusable ones, and are ready to be installed into the piano or grand piano under restoration.

We can obtain the measurements to manufacture the new soundboard and ribs directly from the original soundboard, or from paper templates in 1:1 scale specifying all the necessary data and ribs position, including changes to the original as requested by the technician.

We normally supply the soundboard sanded to the final thickness, and the ribs set not glued, but we are able, on request, to deliver the soundboard finished and crowned, ready to be installed into the instrument. We carry out the work using a screw press, according to the tradition of piano manufacturing.



In addition to the old soundboard or paper template, in order to complete the work in the best possible way, we ask our customers to complete the specific for pianos and grand pianos that can be downloaded below.

In order to submit a quotation, please provide the following information:


ico-pdf25 Grand-piano soundboard
ico-pdf25 Upright piano soundboard
ico-pdf25 Ribs sizes
ico-pdf25 Trade mark position



Apart from the local Italian market, we have manufactured replacement soundboards for piano technicians and workshops in Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, U.S.A., New Zealand, among others.

1066 Piano – Cambridge (GB)

A.G. Hamilton – Surrey (GB)

Van Dongen Pianos (NL)

SAP Renovation – Poland

Black&White Czech-Rep.

Serazio &Dal Negro – IT

Jenkin Piano – New Zeeland

Evert Snel Piano – NL

Ley Piano – U.S.A.

Steve Gardner – New Zeeland

Marco DeLellis – N.Y.

A.Reeser Piano – NL

Wout Buijs - NL

Giralanota - IT

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