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The Ciresa company was established in 1952 in Tesero (Italy) by Enrico Ciresa (1922-1991), who had acquired great experience working at the Delmarco & Bozzetta harmonium and piano factories in Tesero at first, and then at the Schulze-Pollmann piano factory in Bolzano.

In his small workshop, Enrico Ciresa first started producing piano keyboards, and then reed harmoniums. These instruments, produced in several models and sold all over the world, became an immediate success and were appreciated for their build and sound quality. In our days the harmonium, replaced by electronic keyboards, is only appreciated by a limited number of enthusiasts, and thus its production has stopped.

In 1978, mainly due to logistic reasons, production was moved from the old workshop to a new modern factory, where it is still located today. From the 70s, in parallel to the production of harmoniums, Enrico Ciresa started manufacturing church pipe organs and piano soundboards for the Italian market.

The death of Enrico Ciresa in 1991 marked an important transition in the business: the second generation of the Ciresa family took over the management. Over the years, both organ and harmonium sales steadily and significantly declined, leading the management to the difficult decision of interrupting the production of these instruments. The piano soundboards production became the core-business of Ciresa. The focus was shifted towards the foreign markets, starting to supply the most famous European and overseas piano factories.

The new strategy of the company aimed at making the "tree of music" and its history known to a wider public, emphasising the fact that A. Stradivari's favourite tonewood was the Fiemme spruce, and that its musical characteristics and power gave rise to the unique sound of his violins. The reputation of the Fiemme spruce drew the attention of many piano manufacturers and luthiers, and the long standing collaboration with Fazioli, the world-renowned Italian piano maker, is the best evidence of the quality of a Ciresa's soundboard.

Ciresa's soundboards became easily recognizable by their qualitative excellence, as well as by their trademark, officially awarded by the Magnifica Comunita' di Fiemme in 1991 and impressed on each soundboard, and the Ciresa's Certificate of Origin, complete with a unique registration number.
After the important agreement that entitled the Ciresa Company to use the brand of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, the management started focusing on three new objectives: improve the production efficiency and quality, and increase the technical know-how of the personnel; pursue new clients among the most famous piano factories in the world; promote the brand to identify the Fiemme spruce and its quality.

During the first years of this ambitious project, our products went through numerous technical and quality tests performed by the most demanding clients, gradually acquiring an excellent reputation in the industry. Also for this purpose, a semi-anechoic box was installed in our Research and Development Laboratory, where tests and acoustic measurements are carried out on the soundboards in order to collect important data on the acoustic characteristics and efficiency of the Fiemme tonewood. This is an additional service that we offer to our customers, proof of our manufacturing competence and the quality of our products.

Since 1995 we have also been carefully selecting logs specifically for luthiers. The selection among thousands of logs in particularly valuable areas determined by the foresters is carried out directly by our skilled personnel. Every top, after several years of natural seasoning, is processed, graded and branded, with a reference to the tree's felling year. On request, we supply a Certificate of Origin, an additional guarantee of the quality and authenticity of the Fiemme spruce.

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