Fino ad oggi grazie a voi abbiamo salvato 2513 alberi / tronchi di risonanza

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We will be attending CREMONA MONDOMUSICA 2019 - September 27th-29th . booth 68 - with a wide selection of Fiemme spruce tops.   We will also exhibit our new product - RESONANCE PIANO - in the PIANO EXPERIENCE  hall .    

Our facilities are closed for summer vacation from August 10th to September 1st, 2019.

Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...


Partners - Piano

The meticulous production and quality of our soundboards has been acknowledged by several important piano manufacturers such as FAZIOLI and C. BECHSTEIN, as shown in their letters of appreciation, attached hereafter.


ico-pdf25 Letter of Bechstein
ico-pdf25 Letter of Fazioli


It is very important to point out that the correct maintenance of a piano avoids structural damages to the instrument and in particular to the soundboard, its weakest and most delicate element, which requires specific temperature and moisture conditions for its stability.


ico-pdf25 Dampp-Chaser


Clients - Piano

Following is a list of piano manufacturers using Ciresa soundboards in their instruments:


Bechstein Europe- Bohemia



Diapason – di Bergamini Pianoforti







Partners - Repairs and Restoration

1066 Piano – Cambridge (GB)

A.G. Hamilton – Surrey (GB)

Van Dongen Pianos (NL)

SAP Renovation – Poland

Black&White Czech-Rep.

Serazio &Dal Negro – IT

Jenkin Piano – New Zeeland

Evert Snel Piano – NL

Ley Piano – U.S.A.

Steve Gardner – New Zeeland

Marco DeLellis – N.Y.

A.Reeser Piano – NL

Wout Buijs - NL

Giralanota - IT


Partners - Harpsichord, Spinet, Clavichord, Fortepiano and other historical instruments


Keith Hill

Danesi Romano

Elice Massimo

Brighenti Marco

Petroselli Urbano

Harpsichord Workshop Jan Becicka

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