selection and manufacture for musical instruments

    from the forest to the concert halls

    Production of soundboards for harps, pianos, harpsichords and tops for stringed instruments

    Music listening acoustic system made with tonewood for your home
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Fino ad oggi grazie a voi abbiamo salvato 1823 alberi / tronchi di risonanza

Help us Crowdfunding Ciresa 2018-2019



Production of spruce soundboards for pianos and grand-pianos, harpsichords, harps, spinets and other instruments. Finished soundboards for piano restoration, unique specimen for specialized workshops. Complete processing and production of ribs and other sound components. Professional advice for the design and production of soundboards. 




Tonewood for stringed instruments


Wide choice of the best tonewood, starting from the selection of the trees in the forest. Radial cutting and long natural seasoning, customized sizes of spruce for luthiers' workshops. Tops for violins, violas, cellos, classic and acoustic guitars, lutes, mandolins and antique instruments. Careful quality grading and long seasoning certified by the brand and logging year impressed with laser on each top.
Bosnian Maple backs, necks and sides, selected by Ciresa's skilled artisans.

Natural loudspeakers

Handmade loudspeakers built using tonewood, for a more natural music listening. These are actual soundboards, produced following violin maker's techniques, that vibrate like in a musical instrument.
Discover all the secrets of this musical innovation...






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We will be attending CREMONA MONDOMUSICA 2019 - September 27th-29th . booth 68 - with a wide selection of Fiemme spruce tops.   We will also exhibit our new product - RESONANCE PIANO - in the PIANO EXPERIENCE  hall .    

Our facilities are closed for summer vacation from August 10th to September 1st, 2019.

Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...



The extremely stormy weather that at the end of October struck the forests of the Femme Valley, in some areas in altitude damaged also the resonance spruces, uprooting the trees. These perfect logs, grown for 150-200-250 years with very fine and straight grain, are used for making musical instruments.
They are quite rare: only a few among the spruces have the right characteristics for the music. We got immediately in touch with the forest Authorities, the management of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, the forest guards of the Municipalities, meeting a great cooperation and helpfulness. However, considering that the yearly requirement of wood we generally use is of 350-400 cubic meters, we must try to save about 1300/1500 cubic meters of tone wood, that represents the quadruple of our annual needs. It is necessary to collect the wood immediately, as if the logs remain into the forest on the ground, starting from next June, with the hot summer weather, they will be damaged by the moulds and the insects and they can be used for the packaging production or as burning wood. For our small factory this challenge is colossal, both for the time and energies involved, as well as for the great economic commitment, considering the value and the price of this kind of wood.

For this reason we have decided to promote this Crowdfunding “Save the Stradivarius’ tonewood “, asking people very sensitive to music and to nature to help us in this purpose. There are two modalities/ categories : Luthiers and customers of the E. Ciresa srl, who can deposit an amount as advance payment on future orders,that can be made anytime for products cut for their use. We will emit an invoice for the payment on account. Private citizens and friends who, against the deposit of an amount, will receive an obligation letter from the E.Ciresa srl with the warranty to refund the money within 2-3 years.
All the people joining this initiative will receive, besides the documents, a personalized gadget of Fiemme spruce with a violin shape, as sign of their engagement to save the wood of music.

Amounts proposed :
Save a small log of Stradivarius’ tone wood: € 80,00
Save a big log of Stradivarius’ tone wood: € 150,00
Save a tree of Stradivarius’ tone wood : € 300,00

Conditions : Bank transfer on the Bank account : ENRICO CIRESA Srl Tesero/TN – Fiemme Cassa Rurale IBAN : IT27L0818435640000002000268
Description of payment : “ Legno di Stradivari “ and the personal data – Name and Surname, address,phone,mail-address.
Only receiving your data we can send the letter or the invoice and the gadget.

Here is a German TV service that documents our work, the serious damage of the forest, and our commitment to music!

Watch the video [ENG]

Video ansehen [DEU]

In this page you will find the updating of the agreements, the logs and trees saved till the end of the initiative.

Thank you in advance from the Ciresa staff and Ognibeni Fabio – General Manager

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