selection and manufacture for musical instruments

    from the forest to the concert halls

    Production of soundboards for harps, pianos, harpsichords and tops for stringed instruments

    Music listening acoustic system made with tonewood for your home
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Fino ad oggi grazie a voi abbiamo salvato 1823 alberi / tronchi di risonanza

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Production of spruce soundboards for pianos and grand-pianos, harpsichords, harps, spinets and other instruments. Finished soundboards for piano restoration, unique specimen for specialized workshops. Complete processing and production of ribs and other sound components. Professional advice for the design and production of soundboards. 




Tonewood for stringed instruments


Wide choice of the best tonewood, starting from the selection of the trees in the forest. Radial cutting and long natural seasoning, customized sizes of spruce for luthiers' workshops. Tops for violins, violas, cellos, classic and acoustic guitars, lutes, mandolins and antique instruments. Careful quality grading and long seasoning certified by the brand and logging year impressed with laser on each top.
Bosnian Maple backs, necks and sides, selected by Ciresa's skilled artisans.

Natural loudspeakers

Handmade loudspeakers built using tonewood, for a more natural music listening. These are actual soundboards, produced following violin maker's techniques, that vibrate like in a musical instrument.
Discover all the secrets of this musical innovation...






Andrea Bocelli

We are very proud to notify that Maestro Andrea Bocelli has recently installed in his country house in Tuscany a Opere Sonore system by Ciresa. Who better than the Maestro has a refined and critical ear for music! His satisfaction and appreciation for these natural acousti...

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"Further to the storm that at the end of October 2018 strongly damaged the forests of the Fiemme Valley, our company has committed itself to" save the rare resonant trees” from this disastrous event, These logs will be used for the production of musical instruments and in this way we save the music for the future generations. This is a great challenge, so we have asked for the help and support of people who love music and nature. Our crowdfunding campaign foresees the repayment of the collection (all the money lent will be entirely returned!) and at mid-February 2019 we already count over 660 contributions. THANKS !! We have collected over 800 cubic meters of resonant logs, but our aim is to reach 2200 cubic meters (about 3000 trees) at the end of July. In our timber yards and in the places rent for the emergency, you can see hundreds of piles of "precious wood" sawn and stockpiled for the natural seasoning.

We are going on with the crowdfunding: you can find all the info on this “special crowdfunding” visiting our web-site in the given page.

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